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Mac and Cheese Finally Here!!

Half Tray of Offshore

BBQ Dry Rubbed

Smoked Wings


2020 Best BBQ

Joint in NJ

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 Offshore BBQ provides a great taste to fulfill your quest for land loving eats.  


Offshore BBQ is a culmination of years using different ingredients to create the most satisfying BBQ.  Throughout this journey, we have experimented with all types of woods for smoking, all types of spices for the rub and sauce.  We found that keeping it simple was the best philosophy.  

We use Oak wood indigenous to NJ and the Metro area to give you the experience of tasting the smokiness of our homeland.  Our Rub is a fresh blend of Pepper with spices that give you a sweet heat balance insuring to compliment the natural taste of the meat.  When it comes to the meat we smoke, highest quality is the only way to guarantee consistency and tenderness every time!


We welcome you to enjoy

wood smoked handcrafted authentic Offshore BBQ!

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