Find the best menu options for your next party!

Whole Hog Catering

Find the best menu options for your next party!

catering event min 30 People 
we will cook onsite with Hog in Smoker 
or Drop off Cooked Hog

Whole Hog is served buffet style with server 
offshore bbq original sauce and pickles will be provided
we will supply utensil, plates, paper towels

Just Want Us to Drop Off A Cooked hog -
price depends on the size of the h
og & Guests
example -30 people 45-50lb Hog est ,,$600

Onsite Hog Cooking Fee $400

Whole HOg - starts at $30 per person


Each Side add $3 Per Person

Choose from

Mac and Cheese - Potato - Vinegar Coleslaw -

Smoked Beans - 

Your Order Comes with Sauce, Bread, Pickles

Utensils, Napkins, plates, Buffet Servers if you wish

Want to Add Another Meat!!!!!

Add Brisket - $8 Per Person

Add Turkey - $6 Per Person

Add Chicken Wings - $4 Per Person

If you want Hamburgers and Hotdogs Add $10 per Person (this will include proper buns for both & onsite cooking)